Friday, April 24, 2009

Natural Beauty Care

Everybody longs for that healthy glow, for sparkling eyes and shiny hair that bounces with every step. Millions of dollars are spent every year in beauty products to make skin that much clearer, wrinkles that less visible and lips pout that much more. And while there are cosmetics that do work, you shouldn't underestimate the value of natural beauty products. Remedies that are available with nature. They're easy to find, won't put a hole in your pocket, and don't have a trace of any harmful chemicals. Read on to see what gifts from nature can make you your most beautiful self.
For your hair:
Lemon juice:
Lemon juice when used on your hair is an effective treatment for dandruff. Its citrus property cleanses the hair. Squeeze a lemon onto your hair and massage into the scalp, and then wash it out using water and your preferred shampoo.
Coconut Oil:
Coconut oil is used in several parts of the world as an aid to beautiful hair. It has enriching vitamins and nutrients that help your hair to grow long and lustrous. In addition, it also combats dandruff.
Massage into the scalp before washing hair. If possible, do so a night before, so the oil can soak in overnight.
Vinegar is great to add some bounce and vitality into dull and lifeless hair. Mix a little vinegar into warm water, and then rinse your hair with the solution. You hair will look revitalized.
For your skin
The important of water cannot be stated enough. It is one of the most important contributors to beautiful skin. It flushes out toxins and battles breakouts. A person should drink at least eight glasses of water per day. Warm showers are also very beneficial to the skin. When your skin is well hydrated, it looks young and healthy.
They're more than just pretty flowers! Rosewater is extremely good for the skin. It purifies the skin, and leaves it wonderfully scented. Combined with hazel, it is especially good for oily skin.
Turmeric Powder:
If you want your skin to naturally get fairer and more radiant, you could try turmeric. Just mix a piece of turmeric with curd and apply it onto your skin. Leave the paste on for about ten to fifteen minutes, and then wash off using cold water.
For your body:
Fruits are one of the best gifts that nature can give you. Most of them are low in calories, and can give you a whole lot of energy. In fact, almost all diets have fruits as an essential part of them.
Spinach leaves are very, very healthy. There's a reason why Popeye enjoyed spinach so much! It helps to make your body stronger, and more resistant to illnesses and ailments.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Useful Personal Beauty Care Tips

Skin and beauty care indeed is extremely important as it enhances selfconfidence, boosts personality and furthers career prospects. make up is essential to conceal imperfections, while playing up best features and beauty spots.
Feel nice, feel beautiful and that's what everyone will see. Try to appear as good as possible. There are several ways to live beautifully without making it into an obsession.
To appear and feel good, there are helpful tips for the beauty conscious.
Need to dress quickly after-work for that lovely dinner date or party? Well you can have on your makeup in a jiffy. Slip into that sexy black number and you look great to go.
Switching from morning to evening look? Apply more eye shadow, slightly darker on eyebrow bone and at the outer edge. If you wish, add a hint of iridescence. Line under your bottom eyelashes using black or brown pencil. Smudge using a cotton swab to create a smoky eye. Apply second coat of mascara. Apply a trace of shine to the lips. Use a darker shade lip pencil to enhance your lower lip pout in the middle of the lower lip line.
If your hair texture drives you crazy, change shampoos. At times, a minor change in ingredients will alter your hair's appearance.
Foundation is meant to craft a clear, perfect, flawless palette where you outline and accentuate your best features.
What do you want people to focus on when they see you? If your beauty lies in your face, sport: a great makeup job, a lovely haircut, a becoming color near the face, striking earrings, and a pleasing hair color shade.
Your hair will appear glossier after a final, color-wash!
A brilliant red lipstick will make teeth appear yellow, but with a blue-red one, teeth appear whiter. Bear this tip in mind when you search for that red lipstick.
Never apply mascara that's non-waterproof on lower lashes as it tends to smudge into the under-eye cream and eye shadow. It's a good idea to use mascara that's waterproof on lower eyelashes and one that's not waterproof on upper eyelashes.
Always evenly file you nails so that they are all of uniform length. It looks better to have short and even nails than having them in different lengths. Apply nail polish to conceal your short nails.
When down at the beach don't wear makeup. Just go for the natural look and apply some lip balm and sunscreen to go with your waterproof mascara.
If nails are not kept neat they will lend a sloppy appearance. Ensure you have well-groomed ones by making use of a cuticle scissors, emery board, polish remover, base coat, hand cream, and your fave color.
Highlight hair for instant appeal.
Style implies your clothes look right on you, your makeup is discreet, your accessories add refinement to your look and your beauty lets your personal allure to shine though.
For the right eye shadow method for any eye shape apply a faint trace all over the eyelid. Stroke a medium-tone eye shadow in the crook and sweep it around 1/3rd towards the middle. Use a medium shade to line the crease, blend lightly and you're finished!
When applying eye shadow gently blow on the brush prior to starting to apply it on the lid. This way you can save precious time by not needing to clean a lot of shadow off your cheek after you've finished applying it.
A beauty regimen is very necessary! Develop your own regimen and adhere to it! Use a moisturizer on your face, apply a hand and foot cream, shampoo regularly, make sure you have a manicure and pedicure done, plus a brow wax so as retain their shape as often as you can.
Spray on your favorite fragrance to uplift your mood and that of others near you too.
Never be scared of changing products. While you prefer a certain cosmetic, technology is constantly introducing new products which may be better than what you use currently. Experiment.
Everybody requires a facial! It will clean, soften, and refresh your skin. It's extremely relaxing when getting a facial done.
A light tone foundation always makes for an excellent choice rather than a dark foundation, which may make your face look mucky.
To highlight your eyes, trace the outer 2/3rds of the eye, both top and bottom, and then blot the lines so as to moderate the effect. Based on what look you wish to flaunt, you can choose Purples, Blues, Charcoal, Gold, Brown, or Black.
Purchase only foundation that has sun block.
Always keep in mind that a wow haircut wipes out bad hair days.
Pamper yourself by following these beauty tips and see yourself glow.